About us

We are two athletic Dutch women who feel comfortable in the Austrian mountains. We met seven years ago when we both worked as ski and snowboard instructors in Fiss. Now – a few years later – we both live in Austria and we would like to share the beauty we are able to enjoy every day with you.

Madelon Gies

Hello, my name is Madelon (born 1989) and I am originally from Haarlem in Holland. In November 2016, after completing my studies (Sports Management and Business). I moved my center of life to the Alps While still studying I worked at the Ski School in Fiss and successfully completed my education as a Landeslehrerin Ski anSnowboard, as well as a Mountain bike Guide.

I look forward to meeting you and going for a ride together.

Susanne van Klaveren

Hi, I’m Susanne (born 1986) and I’m from Noordwijk, the Netherlands. After spending six winters in Austria, I officially moved to Vorarlberg in 2016. My family and I live here and enjoy all seasons. I studied Fashion Management, I’m a snowboard and ski instructor, a catamaran sailing instructor and I’m  a hiking guide. I look forward to go on tour with you.

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