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Are you looking for an active and athletic challenge in the Alps? Then you’ve come to the right place.  We are happy to organize an individual mountain bike or hiking experience for you in the breathtaking scenery of Vorarlberg and Tirol.

Mountain biken


We at Mountain Power offer different courses at multiple levels on the mountain bike. Single trails, Enduro tours, E-biking and downhill biking are all in our package. Are you interested in one of the activities mentioned above, then quickly look under the heading Mountain biking and click on your choice.



MTB Maddy              +43 (0) 67762071979



What we offer is sporty walks with a lot of challenge and adventure. The tours vary in kilometers, altimeters and level. Come and enjoy beautiful trails, impressive climbs in breathtakingly beautiful Austria.



HIKE Susi                  +43 (0) 67761445568


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